The Regional Safe School of DuPage County, Partners for Success was created in 1997 in response to Illinois legislation enacted to reduce school expulsions, The Safe Schools Act. This legislation provided the funding and support for communities to explore options to expulsion and multiple suspensions, for students in grades 6-12.

Partners for Success provides a multi-platform learning environment for our students, combining distance learning, small group instruction, and individual supports and strategies focusing not only on academic success, but also life skills, behavior interventions and strategies to help the student successfully transition back to their home school and continue on their educational career.

Students are recommended by their home school for enrollment through the referral form found below on this site. After the referral is reviewed, the school representative will be contacted by the Principal regarding the status of the application and next steps.

Friday, September 23rd, will be an SIP Day. Students will be dismissed early at 11:00 AM.