The Regional Board of School Trustees is an elected board comprised of seven members. This elected board hears petitions for annexations, detachments and changes in school boundaries. The Regional Superintendent acts as Ex-Officio Secretary to the Board. The Regional Office maintains all records of petitions heard in the region. The main responsibilities of the Regional Board of School Trustees are:

  1. The hearing and disposal of petitions for change of school district boundaries.
  2. The hearing and disposal of petitions by school districts to withdraw from Joint Agreements/Cooperatives.
  3. The appointment of appraisers and approval of final settlements in the division of assets when new districts are formed.
  4. Meetings are regularly held the first Monday of each quarter; special meetings are scheduled when needed.


TownshipName & AddressTerm Expires
AddisonMary Aherne Young2023
YorkDr. Sally Beatty2025
LisleJohn Huff2027
WinfieldMary Ann Manna (President)2023
MiltonPaula McGowen2027
BloomingdaleMarilyn Menconi2027
Downers GroveJaye Wang (Vice President)2025