As part of the accreditation process for State recognition, each of the 42 school districts is visited every four years by the DuPage Regional Office’s experienced and trained Compliance Team. They review policies, programs for accountability and personnel files. Each district works in cooperation with the ROE Team in making this process as efficient and effective as possible. Licensed personnel and paraprofessional files are thoroughly examined to determine if all appropriate documentation as described in school code is present and up to date. In addition, all licensed staff assignments are examined to determine if the staff members have the proper credentials and qualifications to teach in the assigned areas. Financial records, school board minutes, policies, and procedures are reviewed to verify that the schools are in alignment and in “compliance” with various school codes tested each year.

The Compliance Team also assists the Illinois State Board of Education by visiting and evaluating non-public schools that had applied for State recognition. These visits strengthen our relationships and allow us to learn more about the private/parochial schools within the DuPage Region.

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