DuPage Regional Office of Education is happy to assist persons who have not graduated from high school and are interested in the opportunity to earn the High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma. The statutory authority for Illinois state HSE responsibilities are outlined in the School Code. ISBE has the responsibility for coordinating a statewide system for the issuance of high school equivalency diplomas. ROEs have administrative and document issuance authority in all regions of the state, except Cook County. Currently Illinois offers two HSE exams, either of which will satisfy the necessary subject testing requirements. Successful completion of the Illinois Constitution Test or Module is also a requirement for the HSE diploma. The waiver from the Constitution test requirement, due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited testing sites, was valid to students who took the High School Equivelancy test modules through 6/30/2022. Examinees who achieve the minimum standards established by the Illinois State Board of Education will receive the High School Equivalency Diploma. Check with your Regional Office of Education for any discount programs the state may be offering to test takers.