Each Regional Office of Education is responsible for conducting two types of Bus Driver trainings. The 8-hour initial training is required for all new school bus drivers prior to getting a bus permit, and the annual 2-hour refresher workshop is required in the 12 month period prior to renewing their school bus permit.

Experienced drivers must take a 2-hour refresher workshop annually, and all new drivers must take an 8-hour training in school bus driver safety and first aid, as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the ROE. Per ISBE, a driver MUST be employed by a school district or school bus contractor in order to register and attend an 8-hour initial class.

To register for a bus class, please click HERE.

When attending these trainings, please remember the following:

  1. Bring a pen or pencil
  2. Have your Drivers License with you
  3. If attending 8 hour Saturday classes, please bring a lunch
  4. Please be on time