The underlying causes that contribute to Excessive Absenteeism and Truancy can be complex and frustrating for students, parents, school staff and school administrators. With this in mind, the DuPage Regional Office (ROE) has worked to ensure that school attendance laws are enforced. In addition, proactive truancy support programs and services are also a part of the ROE truancy program model. We want to assist students to avoid reaching the critical stage of chronic truancy.

To assist schools in supporting the truancy laws and helping students and their families to make good attendance a priority, the ROE has provided guidelines for understanding attendance requirements and for making appropriate referrals to the ROE when students’ attendance warrants our attention and support.

You are asked to complete all information on referrals so the ROE can render timely and effective support services.

for access to our new VROE system to refer chronically truant students.

to request more info regarding our AIM (Attendance Improvement Mentoring) Training.

to request more information regarding our SEAT (Scan of Environment and Attendance) Tool.