October 4, 2017   //   Archived News

On Tuesday, October 3, the 21st Century Institute sponsored 24 chancellors, vice chancellors, directors and vice directors from Zhejiang, a province in eastern China. The 21st Century Institute is a non-profit organization located in Oak Brook that hosts training delegations from Chinese government agencies, private organizations and businesses with the United States and Canada for networking, academic and professional training. Members from the Chinese delegation represented their district’s education department and are the equivalent to United States superintendents and principals.

The group requested a visit to the DuPage Regional Office of Education and were eager to understand teachers’on-the-job training models, teacher evaluation and student assessments in the United States as well as an overview of the work at the ROE.

Dr. Gail Fahey, Dr. Darlene Ruscitti and Maggie Brewner (NBCT) met with the group for three hours exchanging ideas and information. In the afternoon, the delegation attended a principal re-calibration training lead by Dr. Cathy Berning.